Dumpling Queen

After my disastrous foray into gnocchi making, I am happy to announce that I have successfully made Chinese dumplings (that’s dumpings to us Honkies* – there is a silent L): Recipe courtesy of Christine’s Recipes.  I can’t wait to try the rest of her stuff! Here’s a flashback to enjoy: Happy Sunday! —- *I am … Continue reading

Words I never want to hear again…

Perhaps that post title is too melodramatic. But anywho… Guys sometimes say to me something along these lines: you look really tired. Are you ok?! Another variation is simply, oh wow, you look really tired today… I hate it! And, I’m pretty sure I can speak on behalf of all females and say: we hate … Continue reading

It’s war!

By the publication of this post, I hereby declare war on foodies and foodie-sm.  I am fed up and opting out! I’m opting out of spending hours lining up for a table at the newest ‘it’ restaurant. I’m opting out of paying over $50 for an average, mediocre meal.  (Actually my public servant salary is opting … Continue reading

Clara Chan, Masterchef

Look! You know you’re a lawyer when you stop to think whether it’s ok to post a photo like that. But it’s first names only, so it’s ok. Screw you NPPs!!! I’ve started noticing some strange behavior of mine creeping back since I’ve started working again. Stuff like qualifying my sentences when I’m talking to … Continue reading

I love my mum

Hehe. Today I made breakfast for my grandma and mum. Well actually, I guess I made breakfast for the whole family, but it was intended to be something special, for mother’s day. I made cream cheese pancakes with raspberry sauce and scrambled eggs: The scrambled eggs look a bit ugly but I thought they were … Continue reading

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