You dimwit!

I am talking about myself.  I am a dimwit. I think the cute hipster-looking shop-owner yesterday was trying to flirt with me, and I was too slow to pick up on it until I left the store!  Clearly I wasn’t concentrating  properly and wasn’t being sufficiently mindful! Sigh.  Forever alone. I was trying to sell … Continue reading

Why hello there, handsome!

I’m writing this post by candlelight.  It’s highly impractical and terrible for my eyesight, but right now, it just feels right.  And that’s good enough for me! I met a handsome man on Saturday.  Actually, he wasn’t so much a man but a boy.  He looked like he could have been 18, but I had … Continue reading

I do

Don’t ask me why I’m up at this godforsaken hour (5am argh!!!).  It has something to do with being a bridesmaid at my friend’s wedding, and needing to be at her house at 7am today to get my hair and makeup done.  I am (much too) dedicated to this blog. I’m actually feeling a bit … Continue reading

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