Honk honk!

I am pleased to announce that I will be going to Hong Kong with my family in September.  Hong Kong is my second home, and I have missed it.  It has been over a year and a half since I was last there. What will I do there?  Eat!  Eat lots of food!  Instead of … Continue reading

Clara Gushling

That’s right, I’ve married Ryan Gushling and decided to change my name.  Do you like it? Today I am going to gush about my new purchase: a coffee mug.  Look! The back reads: And those who sipped this Warm and Mellow potion were filled with such ELATION that their HEARTS could burst with JOY. How … Continue reading

Defaults and exceptions

I am a structured person, and I am at my best when I am within a structured framework.  I live in a world of defaults and exceptions.  Like my shopping ban. I am not allowed to spend any money, unless it’s ‘for a good cause‘.  For a while, my shopping ban was nonexistent because ‘supporting … Continue reading

My lovelies…

I am about to have dinner with my lovely girlfriends.  Trendy Thai at Cookie is on the agenda.  I’m pretty hungry so I’m ravenously devouring some Corn Thins at the moment.  This afternoon, I stumbled across a cute bookshop and bought 12 secondhand books for 50 cents each.  I also bought a book on compassion, … Continue reading

It’s time to SNIP SNIP!

The credit card, that is. I woke up this morning to go to work and instead ended up buying things at JB Hi Fi.  This is my haul: Did I do well?  What music would you recommend for me?

You Gotta Love This City

This morning, I decided to take a prayer walk.  A simple stroll through the neigbourhood, with no agenda other than to observe and be guided by my instinct. Prayer walk fail!  Take a look at these photos! That little bit of plastic in my handbag is doing me no good!  I hope I get a … Continue reading

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