We are Scandinavian

Last year, I was in Sweden around July.  It was summer, beautiful, and everyone seemed to be outdoors all the time, relaxed, glowing and sharing a drink or meal with friends.  I remember thinking, what’s going on???  Don’t these people have work?!  And for quite some time, I’ve been noticing some strange things about Melbourne.  … Continue reading

Personal correspondence, 25 July 2011

To He Who Shall Not Be Named, reproduced with permission. At 1.09pm, excerpts: … I understand what you’re saying about religion etc, but I guess we’re coming from different starting points.  It’s a shame the church has given Christianity such a bad name, when the church was meant to be Jesus’ beautiful bride and a … Continue reading

The beginning is the end is the beginning

You may recall that my first dinner in the USA was at Maccas.  A double quarter pounder.  Oh my!  Heavenly! Through a strange and slightly unfortunate turn of events, my last dinner in the USA was also at Maccas.  This time, an Angus bacon and cheese.  I’d never had a McDonalds Angus burger before.  I … Continue reading

The God-is-incredible juggernaut continues…

Seriously.  Things have been ridiculous. Yesterday was my marathon church day.  My plan was to check out Redeemer Presbyterian, Hillsong NYC and the Brooklyn Tabernacle, all in the one day.  And specifically, to hear Tim Keller preach, to see Joel Houston lead and to hear Brooklyn Tabernacle’s 285-voice choir sing.  What actually happened was… interesting. … Continue reading

Brooklyn, Baby (reflections on my morning in South Williamsburg)

Yesterday I set off to South Williamsburg, eager to see the Hasidic Jewish community in real life.  Before New York, I’d never seen a Hasidic Jew except on Law and Order SVU.   And that episode involved pedophilia and, I think, homocide.  Eek!  But I was nonetheless super excited, albeit a bit scared.  Of course, there’s … Continue reading

The Mighty Met and MoMA (and random thoughts on creativity and execution)

It’s 4am and I’m awake! NYC does strange things to people!  Last night I was traipsing around Williamsburg alone, notebook, pen and camera in hand, tipsy on sangria.  What’s a carafe???  I’m Asian It’s good value, I will do it!  And then, after stumbling along Bedford Avenue for a little while, cheap oysters with butter … Continue reading

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