You Spin Me Right Round Baby Right Round (My thoughts on personality tests)

Which direction does this girl spin, for you?  For me, she spins clockwise first, but I can make her spin counter clockwise if I try hard enough.  Apparently it’s rare to have the ability to do this! Read more about this spinning girl, here and here (full disclosure: I haven’t read the second page!). I … Continue reading

An Open Window

After finishing my errands yesterday afternoon, I sat down near the doorway of my apartment and started flicking through the stash of books I recovered from the recycling bin.  My feelings of glee were soon replaced by… something else, something hard to describe. I felt uneasy, like I was invading someone’s privacy.  A person’s book … Continue reading

So what? (Decaf soy latte drinkers unite!)

I am a decaf soy latte drinker.  While my coffee of choice is a regular soy latte, I do on occasions order a decaf soy latte.  And I have had enough! I’ve had enough of being judged based on my coffee choice.  I’ve had enough of people drawing conclusions about my personality based on my … Continue reading

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