When reality is finally better than your dreams…

I can’t tell if : I’ve lost the plot (entirely possible); I’m just looking for an excuse to shop (also very possible); or my brain is fried from an afternoon of looking up Korean online stores (possible, again)… … but I thought this was rather beautiful: Let me explain.  Yes, the caption doesn’t quite make … Continue reading

The problem, my problem (finally, a moment of clarity)

I have for weeks, perhaps months, been struggling and grappling with a sense that things were not as they should be, as I would like them to be. After a day of solitude and reflection yesterday, I think I’ve finally realised what the problem is. It’s the problem of connections. Too many things vying for … Continue reading

My subconscious mind

The subconscious is fascinating.  You think you’re no longer troubled by something.  That you’re over it.  You’re at peace.  Then, you find yourself dreaming vivid dreams and you realise, perhaps not.  Perhaps you still care.  Perhaps you’re still bothered.  Perhaps you just haven’t been thinking about it because you’ve been so busy. When I was … Continue reading

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