I will never be a successful blogger with such ugly photos…

What’s with bloggers who use DSLRs for all their photos?!  Where do they find the time to do these things!?  Don’t they have jobs!? With that rant over, here are some photos from the past few days: Advertisements

The Secret Life of Me

Not so secret, if the minutiae of my life is published here! My day yesterday: Lovely shops I visited: Cottage Industry – like walking into my dream store No. 1 Vintage Garage – charming and eclectic Love Hate – like walking into my dream store No. 2 Preap & Coutts – a label by a … Continue reading

Open Haus Melbourne

I am so so so excited about Open House Melbourne: For one weekend in 2012, Open House Melbourne will unlock 100 of the city’s significant buildings to explore – and all for free. If you love your city and its architecture, history and design, you’ll love Open House Melbourne. I love photography!  I love Melbourne!  … Continue reading

27 minutes of babble

I am staying at my parents’ house tonight, and I forgot my power cable for my laptop. Therefore, I have only 27 minutes to type today’s post. But because I don’t have anything particular to say, so that’s totally fine with me. Here’s my 27 minutes of babble: The Spanish Film Festival in Melbourne is … Continue reading

You Gotta Love This City

This morning, I decided to take a prayer walk.  A simple stroll through the neigbourhood, with no agenda other than to observe and be guided by my instinct. Prayer walk fail!  Take a look at these photos! That little bit of plastic in my handbag is doing me no good!  I hope I get a … Continue reading

Omg! Earthquack! Quack Quack!

We had an earthquake in Melbourne last night.  I felt it, but wasn’t sure whether I was imagining things.  Facebook confirmed everything.  Within seconds, my Facebook feed was littered with posts about the earthquake. Here are some personal faves: Here I am thinking the neighbours were just having a lot of fun… 2 earthquakes in … Continue reading

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