My thoughts after watching How to Lose Friends and Alienate People

Tonight I saw How to Lose Friends and Alienate People. How low brow of me!  I am actually not a movie snob, I watch movies for entertainment value, so that includes cheesy comedies and mainstream blockbusters. I liked the movie, and it gave an interesting insight into the world of journalism.  A world which I, … Continue reading

Can’t hardly wait… (part-ay tonight!)

I’m hosting a party tonight!  It’s 1.50 pm, and I have a fridge full of Costco purchases, ready for serving.  I’m feeling relaxed and excited to see my friends.  I will try my best to look “hot damn” tonight! This occasion reminds me of the best teen movie of all time, Can’t Hardly Wait.  If … Continue reading

The G word, the E word, the I word and the H word

Following on from my recent ramblings on the H word, there are still a few things I need to get off my chest.  I need to rant about goths, emos, indies and… hipsters (again!). When I was in high school, I was told by at least two people (Jeffery, Davidwho shall remain unnamed) that they … Continue reading

The Laws of Attraction

My friend shared this diagram with me the other day: Quite amusing!  I love charts, graphs and other visual representations of ideas. The main thing that struck me about this chart is the link between mental attractiveness and physical attractiveness.  Ideally, both should exist.  Having both = marriage potential. I know people who are are … Continue reading

The Inspiring Blog Award

I am honoured to have been nominated for the Inspiring Blog Award by lightning pen.  Read all about the Inspiring Blog Award here.  As much as I am flattered, I don’t think I have the time to suggest a bunch of other inspiring blogs.  If you want to know what sites I love, please see … Continue reading

tell ‘im he’s dreamin’

I am trying to control my Gumtree addiction.  The other day, something hit me. I’m like Steve and Darryl Kerrigan from The Castle!  I go through Gumtree the way they go through the Trading Post.  I check Gumtree at least once a day, and usually multiple times in a day.  For those who don’t know what … Continue reading

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