Friends, I have started

Upholstery, that is! I have signed up to classes with Padgham Upholstery, and I’ve had one lesson so far. This is the chair that I’m going to be working on: Isn’t it lovely? I’ve just spent my afternoon removing the rest of the tacks off the frame, so that I have a bare frame to … Continue reading

Hard Wood

I absolutely love furniture.  My favourite hobby at the moment is decorating my apartment to suit my personal style.  I love it, and that’s why I use Gumtree and eBay all the time. My personal style is what I describe as black, white, and timber. For my living room, I’m channeling a mid-century Scandinavian inspired … Continue reading

23 bottles of beer on the wall (Part 2)

I’ve enrolled in an upholstery course!  I’m super excited.  It starts in August and finishes in September.  I’m hoping that it’ll equip me with the skills and confidence to upcycle the chairs that I’ve purchased. Reality and pragmatism have caused me to sell off most of my chairs, leaving me with only the ones that … Continue reading

Aisle trippin’

For me, the most extravagant way to shop is to aisle-browse.  To go into a shop and walk down every single aisle to see if there’s anything I’d like to buy.  It’s extravagant, because it takes a lot of time, and I’m time-poor. I love to shop this way because I don’t tend to write … Continue reading

23 bottles of beer on the wall…

By that I mean, 23 dining chairs, in my parents’ garage. I am feeling the weight of 23 chairs on my shoulders.  And, I must confess that I’ve been considering selling some of them. I hated the idea at first.  How could I?!  My beloved chairs… But the idea has stuck with me, and I … Continue reading

Full disclosure

I feel horrible.  After I posted yesterday that I have 24 dining chairs, I got a lot of comments.  All very lovely ones.  Like a friend suggesting that I have a massive dinner party (sounds great!).  Or another one suggesting that we play musical chairs (how fun!).  Or another one telling me I’d inspired her … Continue reading

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